Four Generations of Movers

For over 100 years, Stevenson Transfer has been providing the best quality residential moving, commercial moving and storage in the Midwest.

Todd StevensonThe company’s humble beginning started in 1908 by Warren “Todd” Stevenson. Todd hitched his team of horses to a recently purchased used wagon and began doing local railroad freight deliveries.

Todd expanded the business into household moving. Then, in 1917, he purchased his first truck. It was smaller than today’s full size pickup. As the business grew, the trucks became larger and the service area grew as well.

In 1929, Todd became a delivery contractor for the E I DuPont Company. He hauled explosives from the plant in Seneca, IL to coal mines and construction sites in the area.

Herb StevensonUpon graduation from High School in 1932, Herb Stevenson joined his father Todd to help run the family business. This father and son team led the company through the depression with a variety of business endeavors. Transportation of explosive product became a statewide service and longer distances on household moves became more common.

MayflowerConstruction of the first warehouse began in 1951. At that time, Todd passed the management of the company to his son. Herb formed an alliance with Mayflower and took his statewide moving business to a nation-wide operation.

Bill StevensonIn 1965, Bill Stevenson graduated from college and joined his father Herb in the business. This was another winning father-son team. They secured a contract with the Western Electric Company to deliver telecommunication equipment. In addition, they continued to expand the household moving market, added commercial storage to their menu and leased additional warehouse space to accommodate their continued growth.

Borg-Warner & AT&TIn 1973, they built a new warehouse on Marquette St. in Ottawa, IL. Their plan allowed for 10 years of growth. It was full in 2 weeks. In 1977, they began storing plastic for the Borg – Warner Corporation and added AT&T to the customer base.

Herb StevensonHerb passed away in 1983. Bill continued to hold the growing business together with the help of a very loyal staff.

Stevenson RoadIn 1985, they began construction of their current location on Stevenson Road in Ottawa, IL. At this time, the city council of Ottawa also decided to name the road alongside the new warehouse in honor of Herb Stevenson’s 16 years of service on the city council. As the company continued to grow, they expanded the building in 1991 and 1993.

Mike StevensonMike Stevenson, the fourth generation, joined the company in 1995 after his college graduation. Mike, like his father Bill, became instrumental in growing the company. This is the third great father-son combination in a row. Mike took over the household goods operation and turned it into a perennial prize-winning agency. In addition, he has become a leader in the Illinois Movers and Warehouseman’s Association and has served on the board for several years. He also developed a formal training program that has helped raise the level of performance of all of the Stevenson employees.

Angie StevensonBill Stevenson, Jr.The generational building blocks became complete when Michael’s wife Angie and Brother Bill Junior became part of the team. Bill has taken the company to the next level and developed significant growth and fostered operating capacity throughout Chicago and the suburbs. As the second century looks upon their business, the Stevenson family looks forward to the future and continues to deliver the same high quality family service that their forebears began over 100 years ago.