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At Stevenson Transfer, we provide both large and small companies with expert technology, innovative programs, and extensive experience in handling warehousing needs, order fulfillment, and supply chain management. Our commercial storage and distribution services allow you to increase your sales without having to increase your payroll, facilities, or rent.

We will receive product from your vendor on the shipping dock of our 75,000 square foot facility with the same care and concern as you would. Then we will check its condition, create an inventory report, and safely store it until you require delivery. You are kept abreast of all activities and know exactly what we have on hand at all times.


We can palletize, shrink-wrap, crate, or perform other packaging services safely and effectively for distribution of your goods. Off-site commercial storage and distribution is an ideal way to increase profits and reduce overhead. Let us help you streamline your production and distribution process with the capability and expertise a large facility can provide, but with the smallest attention to detail.




  General Commodities

  High Value Electronics

  Household Goods & Furnishings

  Excess Equipment Surplus

  Office Furniture

  Financial and/or Legal Documents

  Commercial Packaging

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