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Like most important events in your life, moving requires considerable planning. Our professionals come to your home or business, speak with you regarding your particular needs, answer your questions, and offer all the help you need to prepare for “moving day.” We give you a planning kit that helps you remember important details like canceling your utilities and changing your postal address. If you plan to pack your own things, we can deliver packing materials to you with instructions on how to pack safely.

Your Stevenson moving consultant will help you design the best method of moving to meet your particular needs. We can move the entire household or business, or just the larger items. We can customize the packing requirements to meet your needs as well, whether you pack it yourself or have us handle some or all of it for you.



We offer reasonably priced moving supplies such as boxes, tape, packing materials, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, etc. We also offer full packing services at competitive rates. We can do as much or as little as you prefer…let Stevenson Transfer do the rest!

Our experienced packers are both cautious and expeditious. Stevenson Transfer assumes full responsibility and accountability for items that we pack.



Local Move. A local move is any relocation within a 35 mile radius of your current residence. These moves are normally priced on an hourly basis, with the rate contingent upon the amount of man power and equipment needed. Rates are calculated portal to portal, and include the van and equipment necessary to secure your load, such as pads, dollies, and straps. Please note that hourly rates do not include boxes or cartons.

Intrastate Move (within the state, but over 35 miles). We handle intrastate moves of all shapes and sizes from small shipments to multiple van loads. The pricing for this type of move is based on the weight of your shipment and the distance it will be moved, as well as the number of cartons supplied and/or packed by the carrier.

Interstate Move (state to state). Interstate moving is based on the weight of your shipment, plus mileage from origin to destination. We will complete a full inventory of your belongings and safely wrap or box items that require special care.


All furniture is securely wrapped in quilt pads. Upholstered furniture is stretch-wrapped to keep the fabric clean and free from snags or tears. We lay out rug runners throughout the residence to protect your carpet from damage during the move. Your furniture will be carefully placed and assembled to your specifications in your new residence.



Stevenson Transfer has been moving pianos for over 100 years. Grand, Baby Grand, Upright, Spinet, Steinway, Baldwin, Yamaha…you name it, we’ve moved it!



Transported through our car carrier division.

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